Friday, February 2, 2018

Just Desserts

Let’s close the work week on a lighter note. It’s a running joke in my family that we’re always too full to order dessert in restaurants.

“One of these days,” we say, “we’ll come back and just order dessert.”

But we never do. And, calorie-wise, that’s probably okay.

And yet.

Will we ever taste the impressive-looking creations at the Double-T Diner? Sink a fork into the down-home options at Bob Evans? Howard County is probably teeming with delicious desserts and we’re missing out.

Where’s the best dessert in Columbia/Howard County? Give me specifics. If I’m going to invest the calories, I want the cream of the crop. If I get enough responses I’ll write a follow up post with your recommendations.

Today is Friday, and looking forward to the weekend is sweetness unto itself. But some well-chosen dessert would be the perfect “cherry on top”.

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