Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Big Ask

Dear Reader,

Just in case you missed my earlier emails, I’m dashing off this last-minute note with a very important purpose. You know we’re facing a big deadline tonight and your support is crucial.

Being a blogger isn’t all cocktail parties and ribbon-cuttings, you know. It takes a full time devotion that affects my whole life and that of my home team. I need you on my home team now, Reader.

This year we’re continuing the Project Summer initiative by sending a worthy child to theater camp, but we need your help to make our funds go farther. There’s driving school in the offing, and wisdom teeth extraction, too.

We’ll also be addressing infrastructure needs as we move forward on our historic decision to improve the two bathrooms in our home. These bold changes are made with the express commitment to improve quality of life and long term resale value.

Your commitment to our mission has put us over the top before, and you can help us do it again. Time is of the essence. Our deadline is midnight tonight to make some big decisions on where we are going next. Your participation in our mission sends the message that a world class community is willing to support the kind of small town, hyper local blogging that leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of a good story.

No amount is too small. Consider checking the box to make a regular monthly donation. But do it now, before midnight. Give your voice a voice in the blogosphere.

Join the Village Green/Town² home team and be a Reader who knows best.


Am I a little burned out by candidate donation requests?


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