Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trapped in a Lost Parcel


Every once in a while I see a local story that is pure Dennis Lane. This one has his name all over it, in my opinion.

Dispute over slice of land has pizza food truck in limbo (Kate Magill, Howard County Times)

River House Pizza owner Nathan Sowers just wanted to build an awning over his pizza oven and now he’s trapped in a sort of land use Bermuda Triangle while the county dukes it out with owner (?)Susan Duff. The Tonge Triangle, perhaps?

This story has everything: local business, real estate, County vs. private owner, historical property lines, dueling deeds, records that go back to the 1800’s. 

“It has no tax I.D., it’s up for grabs, it’s what we call a lost parcel.” 

It’s not a lost parcel to River House Pizza. They’ve been whipping up their delicious wares near the Little French Market for some time now and their business adds a lot to the Tongue Row atmosphere. Live music, delicious pizza, ice cream from ScoopAHHdeedoo...it’s a perfect old Ellicott City evening.

It’s Spring. Almost Summer. The time for outdoor pizza is now. Folks who negotiate property disputes may have all the time in the world but a small business like River House Pizza does not. Their livelihood is tied up in the successful operation of this site. 

I don’t know who has the most accurate property deed but this whole thing is making the County look a bit like Scrooge, if you ask me.

Want to support River House Pizza?  Patronize their brick and mortar location:

Forest Green is open 7 days, 11-9pm.

As of now, the courtyard hours are Fridays 4-8:30, Saturdays 3-8:30, and Sundays 11-5pm.

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