Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Catching Some Zzz’s

I came home from work yesterday and essentially fell asleep sitting up. I progressed from there to bed. It wasn’t a particularly difficult day but apparently I had some catching up to do in the sleep department. Sometimes that transition from Sunday to Monday is, as they say “killer”.

There was plenty going on around town yesterday.

  • The Howard Hughes Corporation broke ground on a new phase of development with many notables in attendance.
  • The County Council had a work session in the budget and considered hcpss needs.
  • The County Executive is increasing his budget proposal for hcpss to address class size in Title I Schools 
  • HCPSS held a StoryStrong event at Long Reach High School.

Wow. I just noticed how school-heavy that list is. What else was going on around town yesterday? If it was happening after four thirty I slept through it, alas. But maybe you can fill me in.

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