Monday, September 10, 2018

Just Asking

It’s a typical Monday morning where I’ve got more questions than answers. So I’m just throwing them out there.

The movie theater promo film (“welcome to the theater”) in Columbia is deliberately diverse. Do you think they use that in all theaters or do you think they make multiple ones for different markets?

Do you think there’s any value in an individual citizen concocting their own school redistricting plan? Does this help or hurt?

What does this language about BOE elections mean to you? Extra credit: what does the law itself mean? How would we find out?

How does Western Howard County’s reliance on septic affect the county as a whole?  Do you think that could ever change?

Why couldn’t the County Council agree on giving residents of mobile homes some tax relief? 

Enjoy your Monday. Send me your own local questions, if you have any, and I’ll do my best to find out.

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