Saturday, September 1, 2018

Not Much

I’ve been awake since around five am looking for stories. I don’t mean to suggest that there aren’t any, but none that presented themselves appeal to me.

Certainly there’s plenty going on in Ellicott City.

Lots of new restaurants opening in Columbia. And new vendors at the Common Kitchen are coming online as well.

Schools gearing up to start. (And overcrowding still a big issue.)

Comptroller Peter Franchot is running campaign-style ads with quotes from folks who love, just love, school starting after Labor Day.

The Columbia Association Board has...wait, never mind. I’m still reading that.

I had one of those great, ain’t-never-gonna-happen ideas last night about the shopping centers on Dobbin. That may shape up to be a blog post.

Elevate Maryland has a new podcast episode up. Haven’t listened yet.

Voting ended yesterday in the Best of Howard County poll by Howard Magazine. Results will be published in December. So now, we wait.

Have a wonderful Saturday. If you have your eyes on an interesting local story, send it my way.

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