Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On Four Letter Words

A few words today about my new most unfavorite four-letter word: smug.


  1. having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements.
    "he was feeling smug after his win"

    synonyms:self-satisfiedself-congratulatorycomplacentsuperior, pleased with oneself, conceited
    "he was feeling smug after his win"

We are all worn out by the angry rants and accusations in the political arguments of campaign season, and rightly so. There’s just only so much venom and bile one can either generate or endure. Or both. But my personal pet peeve right now are the folks who proclaim their superiority by arching one eyebrow, a tilt of the head, perhaps, an artfully intellectual turn of phrase. A gif or meme that only the cool kids will get.

Even if your political views have merit, that’s no reason to succumb to smugness. For one thing, it’s repellent. For another, it’s a deterrent to taking in new ideas and points of view.

I realize that I am once again drawing attention to what an earnest, possibly naive sort I am. So be it. If I am looking for wisdom I believe it will come cloaked in humility and thoughtfulness. Sometimes there will be righteous anger, I get that. But self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, complacent, superior?


I just can’t bring myself to be a member of that club.

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