Friday, May 24, 2019

Free Agent

In local sports news, 

Tony Incontrera resigns as head varsity boys lacrosse coach at Marriotts Ridge , Tim Schwartz for the Baltimore Sun

Question: why do we see articles such as these only about sports coaches? I don’t think I have ever seen “Susan Jones resigns as high school choral director.” For that matter, what about English, or science,  math, or languages? 

Why are the comings and goings of sports coaches newsworthy and others are not? 

My understanding of the school system is that your contract commits you to working for the system as a whole. You may work at one school, but can just as easily be transferred, or surplussed. You’re not exactly a free agent. Yet articles about sports coaches in the local press depict sports coaches as independent from that, somehow.

Are sports coaches in a different employment category? Can they come and go as they choose?

I’m curious. 

For the record, I’m still curious about why it’s such a big deal if you’re signing to play basketball at college but not if you’ll be playing clarinet for the same institution.

I suspect it is all about competition, and the pride of place that we give sports over other equally rewarding endeavors.

In the meantime, Coach Incontrera sounds like a wonderful man who deserves to have more time with his family.

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