Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mother Says

One of my favorite family stories involves my husband asking, “They’re having Mother’s Day again this year?”

Why yes. They are. And next year too, probably.

Let me make it easy for you. Let me tell you what I want.


I want to spend time with you. With my spouse, with my children, I want to do something fun, something that gets me away from cocooning in my comfy chair.

My brother-in-law Evan is a Methodist minister and he often counsels couples that what truly builds and deepens love is shared experiences. You can’t win love or hope to keep it by things you wrap in a box or a bag. You can’t buy it, you need to live it.

Some suggestions for my family?

For my husband:

You know, we still have that gift certificate for Tersiguel’s. How about making time for that Mom and Dad dinner date? And how about looking at this summer’s line up at the Chrysalis and asking which one I’d like to go to? We could have a picnic.

For my kids:

How about working on the garden and the patio together? Or going to the Oakland Mills Farmers Market and cooking together? How about an artsy retreat day? A frivolous trip to Ikea for nothing in particular?

At your house you may want to celebrate Mother’s Day in a wholly different way. I think that’s fine. I have reached a time in my life where I may have had my fill of opening presents. I treasure life experiences. I crave adventures, albeit little ones.

To my family: if, by chance, you have planned ahead and have already purchased presents, I will love them. Because I love you.

But let’s plan on spending more time together in the near future.

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