Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Very Small Venture

My life took a little detour recently when I unaccountably got into the T-shirt business.

This shirt:

It’s a message I believe in. And it’s timeless. Long after this season of acrimony is over in Columba/HoCo, this shirt and its sentiment will still be relevant. I will never be embarrassed to wear this shirt. I will never look at it, languishing in a dresser drawer, and feel embarrassed.

After I broke the news that I was going to have the shirts made, I was approached by two locals with offers to assist with the financial outlay. In both cases I refused. I was lucky I was able to front the money myself. (Well, it was only 27 shirts.) It was very important to me that I not be beholden to anyone for putting these shirts out into the world.

And with all the crazy controversies out there, I didn’t want this to turn into one of them. This was a simple transaction. I ordered the shirts. People paid me back, no profit was made.

Twenty-seven t-shirts in a sea of hundreds will not make a dent when photos are being taken or when news outlets are sizing up the state of things. And perhaps the battle is won by the group with the most matching t-shirts. But it’s my opinion that none of us will truly “win” until we get behind the sentiment on this shirt.

All school are “our schools”. All children are “our children”.

And now, I think I’ll go back to the blog business.

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