Saturday, October 26, 2019

On the Road

For sale in Columbia, Maryland, a 1982 Airstream.

From the advert:

Truly a joy to drive. It turns lots of heads and is definitely an attention getter. People everywhere, from gas stations to campgrounds, stop and want to learn about it.

My parents had a fascination with what they called “mobile homes” and what are now called RVs. Many a Sunday afternoon drive ended at some lot, touring Winnebagos. It was a dream of theirs that was never fulfilled, like my father’s goal to own a home with a sunken bathtub, or their joint desire to retire to one of those little red popcorn wagons.

Airstreams are known as having a sleek and stylish presence in the world of RVs. This particular one looks to have been around the block quite a bit. Is there a Fixer Upper show for RVs? What kind of mileage does a 1982 vehicle get? What kind of mileage can any RV get? Not too great, I would think.

An aside: did you know that Columbia has a designated RV storage facility? They do. It’s located near Lifetime Fitness.

True confession: I adore watching those extreme RV shows on tv and I do harbor a wish to take at least one trip to enjoy the RV experience. I’d also like a luxury treehouse, so it’s hard to say if and when these dreams will come true.

How about you? Are you interested in a 1982 Airsteam, to life on the road, free from hotels or pitching tents? Can you imagine yourself bringing new life to a 35 year old classic?

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