Sunday, August 23, 2020

Make It

Today, from 2 to 3 pm: a virtual walk-through of the Maker Space at Freetown Farm. To register for the Maker Space Kick-Off, use this link.

From the event page:

I learned more about the whole Maker movement when I attended the mini Maker Faires at the Chrysalis in Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. There’s a slide show of things I saw in this post from last year. One of the things I loved was how welcoming and open-ended the concept was. Anyone from any stage of life could participate. There was no bar set for educational or experience  level. If you had ideas, if you loved to tinker - - this was the place for you.

Readers of this blog know what an outspoken advocate I am for inquiry-based, hands-on, multi-sensory learning in early childhood. The truth is, it’s good for everybody. Our educational system has long honored paper and pencil achievement over all else. I think our culture is the worse for that.

If you have the time today, register for this event and learn what it’s all about. It’s just another initiative from the Community Ecology Institute that gives us the opportunity to learn and grow and make our community better.

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