Thursday, August 20, 2020

Short and Sweet

I’m running late this morning because I stayed up past my bedtime watching a livestream on my iPad. You know how it is.

A footnote to last week’s post from local beekeeper Nikki Schmidt:

Later on in the week I was the fortunate recipient of a jar of her honey. I wasted no time in preparing my HoCoLocal honey-tasting experience. First, a taste of the honey by itself. The mouth-feel is indescribable. The best word I can think of is sexy. The flavor is light, and so much better than any honey I have every tasted. Local, hand-curated honey is an entirely different animal than what you get at the supermarket.

Next up: whole grain toast with butter and honey. Perfection. What a delight. If I am careful I’ll be able to make this little jar last well into the winter, when tea and toast are the perfect antidote to darkness and chill.

I’ve read that local honey also has many healthful properties. There are so many good reasons to support local beekeepers. They are all over Maryland.

This week I’m grateful for an unexpected gift of sweetness that lightened my mood and sang an entirely new song to my tastebuds. I now fully understand why Winnie the Pooh went to all that trouble to get some. Before it was just an abstract concept. Now I have tasted the real thing.

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