Sunday, December 11, 2022

Santa and the Shark, Plus: Contest!


This was probably the moment that this whole Santa thing jumped the shark for me. I must admit I had never considered the possibility of Santa at the racetrack. Just think - - Santa, breakfast, and a Holiday Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar. I wonder who’s driving?

Image from Maryland Jockey Club at Laurel Park

The Maryland Jockey Club seems to be of the same mind as the folks at Jason’s Wine & Spirits. Ooh, look! Santa appears to have a drink in each hand.

Tweet by Jason’s Wine and Spirits, Ellicott City*

Again I wonder: who’s driving? I highly recommend those old standbys - - cookies and milk - -  for that Christmas Eve long-distance run, Mr. Claus.

As an aside: someone out there ought to write an article that begins, “The holiday season can be synonymous with cocktail season. But it doesn’t have to be.” It would be a refreshing change right now.

Other local Santa sightings include this one at Clark’s Ace Hardware in Columbia in which he seems to be considering a new paint scheme.

Image from Clark’s Ace Hardware, Columbia 

And over at The Spotlight (selfie museum) at the Mall, Black Santa has been stopping by on the weekends.

Image from The Spotlight on Facebook

I’m going to leave you today with my all time favorite semi-local Santa photo, taken by a reader of the blog back in 2017. She described the scene as follows, “Santa was handing out candy canes at BWI. Lots of people around.”

Photo credit: Kristen Carrasco 

I was fascinated by all the things going on in this photo and decided to have a caption contest. Only three people entered. I was crushed. I should have given them all prizes on the spot.


1. "Santa blocks restroom access until gender and species equality is achieved." (Donna Swope)

2.  "Mommy? Remember that time we were at the airport and security made Santa strip down to his boxers?" (Mickey Gomez)

3. I’m pretty sure that Entry Number Three was from loyal blog reader Jeanne Lay, but, I’m not finding it. Still looking, though.

The original prize was a 25 dollar gift certificate to the Second Chance Saloon. Alas, I cannot make good on that in 2022. The Second Chance is no more. So, this is what I’m going to do. Once I find the third entry, I’m going to make this a reader’s choice contest. Whichever of the three garners the most votes will get bragging rights and its creator will get to direct a 25 dollar donation to the charity of their choice. Look for an official announcement soon.

And if we ever get a replacement for the Second Chance Saloon I’ll take all three entrants out for an incredibly belated celebration. 

*Illustration of Santa by Sara Pinsonault for Vine Pair

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