Sunday, December 4, 2022

Season Finale in Elkridge


There’s a women’s pool tournament in Elkridge this weekend and I wouldn’t have known that without Twitter. Here’s the tweet:

@Ada_Lio: It's a great turnout! 26 killer ladies showed up to play 9-ball at the JPNEWT season finale at Triple Nine's Bar & Billiards, Elkridge, MD and guess who is in the house? The Irish Invader, Karen Corr! I'm going to have fun and play my best. #ironmaidenpool

I had never heard of Triple Nine’s Bar & Billiards, so I looked them up first. It’s in the shopping center on Washington Boulvevard where the Sysco Discount Food Center is located, if that helps you place it. 

Image taken from Triple Nine’s website

There’s a brief video on their website that gives you a feel for the overall atmosphere. Granted, it’s from eight years ago, but, it’s a good place to start. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Honestly, this is not a local establishment I would ever have known about if it weren’t for this one tweet. Have you ever been there? Do you play pool? I learned how to play bumper pool at the local Y when I was in the third grade and even I know that doesn’t count when it comes to legitimate pool playing.

So, what’s the “JPNEWT season finale” that the poster above mentioned? 

Image from JPNEWT website

JPNEWT is the oldest, continuously-operating women’s pool tour on the East Coast. 

Though it’s difficult to trace the tour’s origins precisely, according to Dawn Hopkins it began as a women’s tour she founded in the early 90s, an adjunct to her All About Pool Magazine and its All About Pool Men’s Tour in Massachusetts. The All About Pool Ladies Tour (and Hopkins) shifted from a New England base to New Jersey, where it would become the Northeast Women’s Tour, operating at first, under the leadership of Colleen Shoop and Candy Rego, and later, Barbara Stock and Micaela Games. It was under their leadership that the tour began its association with and eventual name change to the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour at the end of 2001 season. - -

I wanted to know more about J.Pechauer, the company that sponsors the Northeast Women’s Tour, which culminates in two days of play right here in Elkridge. You won’t be surprised that J. Pechauer is in the business of making pool cues. Custom pool cues.

Image from J.Pechauer website 

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, J. Pechauer was founded in 1963 and they are might proud of their history in the pool cue business. If you have an interest in pool or pool cues, you’ll probably enjoy their loving pictorial history of Joe Pechauer and the company he founded. Apparently it helps if you start young.

Image from J.Pechauer website

I had no idea that pool cues could be works of art until I went to their website. Live and learn.

If you are a woman who plays competitive pool, you probably already know about the JPNEWT Ladies Pool - player group on Facebook.

If you are a woman playing competition-level pool, I’d love to hear about it. It’s a world I know nothing about. And it’s one that I’m more curious about since I’ve learned that Elkridge is a stop on the competition circuit. 

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