Saturday, December 3, 2022

Seeing Things


Yesterday’s blog post had an unexpected consequence. This advert turned up in my Facebook feed.

Oh, my. 

I enjoyed the conversation around the topic of proliferating Santa events that followed yesterday’s blog post. Hats off to the reader who pointed out that more such events mean shorter lines to wait in for squirmy kids. I hadn’t thought of that. Another kind reader reminded me that these seasonal gigs mean that Santa is earning a paycheck. Yet again, I hadn’t thought about all those Santas trying to make a living. It’s definitely food for thought.

One more thing. What does this Santa frenzy feel like to people who don’t celebrate Christmas at all? Does it feel like an annual expression of the power of the dominant (Christian) culture? Does it reinforce a feeling of “otherness”? If there’s a reader out there in Columbia/HoCo who’d like to write a post addressing this from a non-Christian perspective, reach out to me through the blog. I’d love to make room for other points of view.

Continuing in the vein of seeing unexpected things, I want to know more about this rock. 

What is that massive thing behind the tree?

It’s located by the Johns Hopkins Community Physicians in Stevens Forest Green. This is not an ordinary, run of the mill rock. Someone had to cut it for it to have that shape. And what do those three circular marks mean?

I have an inkling but I’d rather hear from you all first. Any ideas? Also, do you know where Stevens Forest Green is? I didn’t until I had to take my daughter to a doctor’s appoint there. 

And, finally, one of those oddball things you are more likely to find here than anywhere else.

There is clearly something happening in this picture. To my mind, it depicts someone running, possibly accompanied by dogs. They’re headed down one of Columbia’s famous pathways. Or perhaps you see something else.

Truth in advertising:

It’s a service door I spied while waiting in a drive-through line. Starbucks, maybe? No, I don’t recommend taking photos while driving but I was at a full stop at this point. And those scratch marks on the door grabbed my attention.

Seen anything interesting around town lately?

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