Sunday, December 25, 2022

Unexpected Possibilities


‘Twas the light before Christmas:

(The lamp by the chair)

That wobbled and flickered, 

 resisted repair.

The parents were restless in their empty nest

And rushed to rehome it ere the holiday fest.

But mama and papa, though trying all day 

Could find no new owner to take it away.

So off to the corner the lamp was removed. 

With hopes that a radical change would improve.

It lurked by the back door, it drooped and it moped.

‘Til mama told papa, “It’s not what we hoped.”

Then, sparkling with mischief she jumped up and said,

“Let’s not try to hide it. Let’s light it instead!”

So quickly they trimmed it, their fingers - - they flew!

Then basked in the twinkling of red, green, and blue.

The broken down lamp that had nowhere to go

Now lit up the room with a holiday glow.

And when College Kid came home and looked at the sight

They slowly acknowledged it might be “alright.” 

But maybe some ornaments? ‘Twas soon was begun,

And the light before Christmas was in for some fun.

It towered in glory! It twinkled and shone.

No longer a cast-off. It seemed to have grown.

So, that’s how it happened. It’s easy to see 

How the light before Christmas turned into…

a tree.

Whether today is for you a day for celebration, contemplation, togetherness or solitude - - I wish you joy, peace, and a year of unexpected possibilities. - - jam

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