Thursday, January 5, 2023

Food? Glorious!

Last night we sprang for takeaway from BonChon, a favorite of the college kid home on break. This fulfilled not only our need for dinner but more night time driving practice as the Big Test approaches at the end of January. I was reminded of the weird parking situation there when we ended up in a space in the Mall parking lot across the road. The easiest solution was to wait until the traffic is clear and cross right there without benefit of crosswalk. 

It’s not ideal from a pedestrian point of view.

Alas, prices at BonChon have gone up and portion sizes have gone down. That’s true in a lot of places right now, so I’m not going to hold it against them. The food was delicious and the customer service was great. It’s a special treat for us, especially if you add in a trip by the driver to nearby Kung Fu Tea.

In other food news, I got inordinately excited when I saw a post on the Howard County Eats page about The Rathskeller in Elkridge. Along with their food photos, the poster wrote, “This is a bucket of schnitzel.” 

A bell went off in my head. I remembered a time when I held forth on social media about how more food should come in buckets. If one could get a bucket of chicken, why not a bucket of samosas? Egg rolls?Burritos? Why did more foods not come by the bucket?

It was a conversation made for social media. It was fun, it did not change the world, and nobody got hurt. 

As to the Rathskeller:

“Do they really have a “bucket of schnitzel” on the menu?” I asked.

“Yes!” came the reply.

Then these words from William Low of the Rathskeller, “It unfortunately doesn’t come in a bucket anymore as paper companies are only making them for fast food chains and movie theaters. We haven’t changed the name yet!”

Sigh. Yet another missed bucket opportunity. Perhaps they should offer schnitzel BYOB - - Bring Your Own Bucket. 

Lastly, I am going to bestow an award that doesn’t exist for which there hasn’t been any serious process or publicity. I hereby declare that The Ale House (recently renovated) has The Best Food Photos on social media.

Consistently, day in and day out, their food photos look marvelous. Whoever they have doing the food styling and photography should get a raise. 

I do have a bone to pick with them about a recent menu item, however.

Photo credit The Ale House, Columbia Maryland 

Happy #NewYearsEve! Celebrate with #brunch from 10 AM - 3 PM and try our featured Miss Piggy Hash #alehousecolumbia #hocomd #columbiamd #explorehocomd #howardcounty #howardcountymd

Um, excuse me? “Miss Piggy Hash”?

Although I am not now, nor have I ever been, a fan of Miss Piggy, I would draw the line at consuming a food item named after her. (I’m assuming there’s pork in this, yes?) I don’t imagine they’ll be hearing from Muppet Management or their overlords, but - - there’s a little too much of an ick factor here for my taste. 

YMMV, as the social media wags say. After years of teaching preschool I may be overly sensitive to the thought of an anthropomorphic pig puppet being consumed for brunch.

A tip of the hat to local restaurants and food service workers. It’s an incredibly exhausting line of work and the pandemic and the current inflation is making it even harder. A shout out to Facebook group Howard County Eats for working to create and maintain a space that connects community members with local restaurants. Moderating that group has got to be a lot more work than you might imagine.

Any local food news you’d like to share? You know where to send it.

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