Tuesday, January 31, 2023



I must say I am impressed. Apparently it is not particularly useful for Columbia to incorporate and have its own elected system of governance because it is impossible to dismantle the Columbia Association. Smarter people than I can explain to you why this is so - - and believe me, they will - - but I am left somewhat bemused. 

It puts me in mind of the cream-filled sponge cake in the movie WALL-E. Earth is uninhabitable, there appears to be nothing left but one robot and a cockroach. And a seemingly endless supply of Twinkies.

Columbia’s Pioneers have grown old in the place that they love.  The first children of the new American City are adults with children of their own. A new wave of Downtown development is bringing new people to town. 

But the CA Board, set in motion by Jim Rouse (lo, these many years ago) has long been dysfunctional. And, no matter what happens, year in and year out, it’s going to keep on keeping on. I guess the scene we don’t see in WALL-E is an ongoing meeting of the CA Board, trying to reach consensus.

Nothing is certain except death, taxes, and the CA Board. It is the HOA that will not die. My goodness this feels dystopian to me.

If you believe that incorporation is not the solution, fine. Tell me what is.

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