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Yesterday’s blog was on the heavy side. I feel the need to do something lighter today. Consider this the Saturday morning cartoons edition of Village Green/Town².

For a long time I’ve been toying with the idea of creating fortune cookies using exceptionally good tweets. You’d be surprised how many would work in that capacity. Some people are truly gifted when it comes to crafting a short-form message. You could even create multiple varieties of fortune cookies: inspirational, witty, sassy, bold, maybe even spicy.

I don’t think this would work as a commercial venture because you’d be attempting to make money off of someone else’s words. It might be a cool party trick, though.

I’ve been saving examples for a while and, when it seemed that Twitter might be going the way of all things, I thought I should share what I had.  In most cases I don’t know the writers in real life. I’m including their names because I think they deserve credit. 

Twitter Fortunes (as ‘artisanally curated’ by Village Green/Town²)

The next two are a little long for fortunes. I still like them.

The last one is not a tweet but I know I’d love to get it inside a fortune cookie.

The love of fortune cookies is such an American thing. Almost everyone knows by now that there’s nothing authentically Chinese about them, yet, we love getting them anyway. The only cultural equivalent I can think of is the British tradition of Christmas crackers, but they are a once per year experience.

Ooh! What about location-specific fortunes? An official Columbia/HoCo collection! Hmm….

Did you ever receive a fortune cookie message that was meaningful enough to you that you saved it? Or somehow hilarious or inexplicable? Bonus: Bored Panda has a collection of notables.

Whether you want to talk about tweets or fortunes, you know where to go:

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