Sunday, January 8, 2023

Route 108 Both Ways


It’s cold out there! You’ll need to bundle up if you’re headed to the Clarksville Cars and Coffee event this morning.

Location: Parking lot of Clarksville Commons

Time: 8-10 am

More information: Clarksville Cars and Coffee Facebook Group 

In August I wrote about car meets and the struggles of one particular local group trying to host Cars and Boba in the parking lot of Normandy Shopping Center. The concept of “car meets” was new to me. I’m not finding signs of any resolution to that in an online search. I’ll reach out to organizer Vincent Harris to see if their petition yielded any positive results.

If you’re curious about the origin of Cars and Coffee, this article from 2019 will fill you in.

California’s granddaddy Cars and Coffee revives for a one-time (maybe) reunion”Aaron Robinson, Hagerty Media

If you’re not that into cars, or you’re not eager to embrace the return of low temperatures, may I suggest the new lineup of indoor performances at the Common Kitchen? Live music will be Friday nights (with a couple of Saturdays) from 5 to 7:30 pm. It looks like Trifecto is running some Happy Hour specials as well. 

1/6 – Calvin Thomas

1/12 – Richard Rowe

1/20 – Janine Wilson

1/27 – Calvin Thomas

2/3 – Drew Cline

2/10 – Janine Wilson

2/17 – Calvin Thomas

2/24 – Michael Walls

Saturday 1/14 – Jeff DeBonis

Saturday 2/18 – Evan Behre (PENDING)


Finally, a bit of historical context to that renovation I wrote about in December. Remember Columbia Station? 

Image is a screenshot from

Thanks to Ilana Bittner of HoCoMoJo, I learned that one can consult Google Maps/Street View for historical images of particular sites. Here’s a series of photos taken of this address from 2009 - 2018.

Images from Google Maps/Street View 

It was clearly a residential property at some point - - maybe two? There really aren’t many homes on that stretch of 108. I’d love to know that story.

Speaking of Route 108, my husband came home on one of those really cold days before Christmas with his eyes all atwinkle. It seems that a large puddle in the grassy area on the side of the road near Glenmont had frozen over and there were kids playing ice hockey. Over to the side, away from the action, one lone girl was ice dancing.

My husband offered to take me over so I could see for myself. Alas, I turned him down. I regret passing up that opportunity.

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