Saturday, June 10, 2023

Local Mixups

There are serious topics to be written about. I wrote about one yesterday

Today is not that day. Today my brain saw this photo and - - click! - - the die was cast.

The tweet reads, “A brew that no Avalanche fan could pass up. Brewed in Columbia, MD.”

If you want to know what all that means, you can take a look at this article about a song by blink - 182 and a Colorado ice hockey team. But, you see, when I looked at this picture my brain saw this name:

All The Mall Things

I was amused. And delighted. What better name for a beer from Columbia, Maryland, a planned community built around a mall? These days it’s even more ironic, as you’d have to be over 21 not just to enjoy the beer but also to enjoy the mall. 

I was rather disappointed to learn I had read the title incorrectly. Here’s the actual song. I didn’t find it all that appealing, but you may know something I do not.

As per usual, I’m interested in what you would call a signature, quintessential local brew if you were given the naming rights. Don’t limit yourself to Columbia, either. Any part of the county is fair game! 

Interestingly enough, one of my favorite local mixups was shared to social media by the same brewer: Black Flag Brewing Company. You may remember.

Here’s another of my brain mix-ups with a local connection. I’ve been saving it for just the right moment. 

I combined the initials OM in the written portion with the dramatic ceiling structure in the photograph and interpreted it as follows:

OM in my brain equals Oakland Mills. “Daily OM” would obviously be a Picture-a-Day account of all the cool things in the village where I live, like the beautiful room in the Other Barn with dramatically high ceilings which is often used for wedding receptions.

It made complete sense for about thirty seconds until I realized that was not the right ceiling. And “OM” here refers to meditation, not Oakland Mills.


Does this ever happen to you? I’d love to know I am not alone. 

In the time sensitive news department: don’t forget that tomorrow, Sunday June 11th, from 12 - 5 is the AAPI Festival in Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. Admission is free but you must register so they’ll know how many people to expect. Learn more about the Festival here.

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