Sunday, December 3, 2023

A Visit to Town Center

Yesterday I took my own advice and paid a visit to the Holiday Pop Up shop at The Residences at Vantage Point.  I’ve never been to Vantage Point before. I was greeted as soon as I came in by a gentleman who appeared to be there specifically to direct people to the event. He then pointed me to a young man by the staircase who gave me directions to my destination. I was given a sticker to wear that indicated I was there for the event, a security measure, I’m guessing.

The room for the pop up shop was lined with tables where various merchants had set up their displays. There were beautiful assortments of jewelry, adorable crocheted items, tasty looking baked goods…I must admit I didn’t truly go up and down the rows to see everything because I was there for one reason and one reason only: to visit the YOLO Health and Wellness table.

I discovered YOLO when I attended a Holiday Bazaar at The 3rd in 2021. I’ve always been sensitive to fragrances and my recent struggles with asthma have only made that worse. I was happy to find that YOLO makes cleaning products (among other things) that don’t burn my lungs. I’ve become a devoted customer.

As I was leaving with my bag of goodies, I noticed that SOBAR was also there, and they were even set up to offer free samples. (Did you know that there are actual scientific studies on alcohol use in retirement communities?) So much of the Winter holiday message is around treating yourself and indulging. SOBAR is offering a counter message that you can celebrate and treat yourself without always making alcohol a part of the equation. I hope they were able to have some good conversations with shoppers yesterday.

My visit to Vantage Point prompted me to wonder if my husband and I might ever live in a place like Vantage Point. It’s hard not to wonder, as I get older. It felt like a friendly and comfortable place. 

I decided to noodle around in the neighborhood once I got back in my car. Vantage Point is in Town Center and I’m not usually in that neck of the woods. I passed the lovely old Oliver’s Carriage House, home to Lake Kittamaqundi Community Church. I drove around the various little culdesacs as though I were a tourist or someone new in town. 

Then, as I was about to circle back and head home I noticed a police car. No, two. I glanced over at where the activity seemed to be and noticed another police car. At the end townhouse in the far corner I saw a small group of people. One man was in handcuffs. And another police car drove up as I watched. Four police cars assembled to deal with one person, who was already in cuffs. I don’t know. It felt like overkill to me.

No, I don’t know what started all this or what happened or who called the police. There’s surely more that I didn’t see.  That’s why it wouldn’t be fair for me to pass judgment or offer any analysis. But four police cars and one man - - one Black man - - that felt…off. 

I went home and thought a lot about it.

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