Sunday, December 10, 2023

Three Things: Socks, Controversy, and Gingerbread

Three things:

1. I’ve heard back from Jennifer Van Kirk of the Bright Minds Foundation about donating socks to the Martirano Super Socks initiative.

In terms of sock donations, we will have collection bins available for new sock donations in the lobbies of all HCLS library locations starting next Tuesday. Socks can also be dropped off at the HCPSS Department of Education building (10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City) or Applications & Research Laboratory (ARL) building (10920 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City) during business hours.

2. If you’ve been following the social media frenzy around the lease for the Howard County Farm Museum, this article in the Baltimore Banner lays out the story fairly well, I thought. If you’re looking for thunder and lightning and finger pointing, you won’t find it in this article. Frankly, I’m worn out by how some locals have spun this story to get people stirred up without telling the whole truth.

Say goodbye to Howard County’s farm museum. What comes next? Abby Zimmardi, Baltimore Banner

3. Columbia Association’s gingerbread house competition brought a smile to my face so I’m sharing the story so you can enjoy it, too.

Neighborhoods in Columbia never tasted so sweet! We caught up with Columbia's 11th village, "Gingertown," with CA's annual gingerbread house competition. This event brings together creativity, imagination and a little friendly competition.

My favorite? You won’t be surprised. The hashtags (seen below) made me chuckle.

Photo from Columbia Association social media 

#ColumbiaAssociation #GingerbreadHouseCompetition #HolidaySeasonFun #WeAreColumbia #IamCA #WeKnowThereAreOnlyTenVillages

Enjoy your Sunday!

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