Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Valued Voice

Yesterday I saw a familiar face. A pensive photograph that belongs to a local blogger whose work I deeply admire. Her name is Lisa Marini Schlossnagle and her blog is Lisa B, Mrs. S. She posted for the first time in forever. (Or so it seems to me.) You can find her post here, dated January 24th: What Am I Doing Here? 

Lisa's voice has been missed. Take the opportunity to noodle around in her blog while you are there and you will see why. Today my Facebook memories reminded me of another one of her pieces:

What is Columbia All About? 

Posted on this dste in 2013, it's every bit as good today as it was then.

I can't begrudge Lisa's absence from the blogging world because she lives real life more fully and deeply than most of us. And that takes time, and attention. And focus.

I'll leave you with some of her words that feel a propos for the times we are in:

Columbia is about diversity - of people, incomes, spaces, religions, and thought. It's probably what Columbia is best known for, even if it falls short on really honoring diversity at times.

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