Monday, January 9, 2017

Bundle Up

Walking to school. Waiting for the bus. The temperatures are below freezing. Most kids would want to stay inside where it's warm. Heck, so would I. Imagine how kids feel when they don't have a proper winter coat. Or gloves. Or a hat.

Just a reminder that you can help by contributing to the Help-a-Child Fund. From a post I wrote a while back:

"The Help-a-Child Fund is a joint charitable project of the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and the Howard County Education Association (HCEA). Since 1992, the fund has been the last resort safety net providing retail vouchers for new clothing, coats, shoes, eyeglasses, and more, for hundreds of our students. The fund had 447 requests last school year. So far this school year we have had 112 requests.  

100% of the donations go to the students. Donations are tax deductible. There is no administrative cost to the Fund. All labor and materials are donated. Really, it is the ideal charity – close to home, immediately helpful without a lot of red tape, and for children whose specific needs are identified by our own colleagues who know the child’s circumstances."

I keep reading abou those "greedy teachers and paraeducators" in the comments section of the Howard County Times. Yeah, about that. They're the ones making the bulk of the financial contributions to this fund. Maybe you can be "greedy" like them and write a check.

You can help make a child's mornings a whole lot warmer.


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