Friday, January 27, 2017

Time and Time Again

In a conversation with a four year old student, the teacher asked, "Were you in school last year?" He paused, thought a bit, and responded, "When was last year?"

When was last year? Was that before Christmas? Before summer vacation? Before my birthday? When you are four years old your concept of time is very different than that of an adult.

Right now our local world and our national one are undergoing so much upheaval that I feel a bit like that preschool child. When was last year?

Was that before it was okay to call human beings "cancer" in a public meeting? Before school superintendents sued their Boards of Education? Before students had to contend with racist threats on social media? Before the County Executive rushed to make a statement condeming attacks on those who agreed with him on CB-9, but was silent when the same happened to those who opposed his views?

When was last year? Were we any better then?

I wonder.

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