Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Puzzling Partitions

So Wegman's has built a wall.

Well, not really a wall. It's a lovely little alcove constructed of partitions, some plexiglass and some fairy lights. And I have an illustrative photo to prove my point, but Blogger is making things difficult for me at the moment. Maybe later.

Success! From the outside looking in:

It looks as though Wegman's is trying to feature their Burger Bar by giving it a dedicated seating area.  It's hard to tell, since it is plopped down right in the center of the prepared food area. About half a dozen tables remain on the perimeter. And of course you can still take your food upstairs.

I haven't seen anyone sitting in the new fancy seating area during the two times I have been there since the change. I'm not sure people know quite what to do. Should there be a sign saying "Burger Bar seating"? I'm sure they made this change for a reason. I'm not sure that customers have any idea what that is.

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