Saturday, January 7, 2017


Howard County has plenty of chain restaurants. There are a few that my family enjoys, notably Bob Evans and Uno's. Some nights just seem to be the kind of night for heading back to the old familiar, sliding into a booth, and ordering one of our usual dishes.

But we are more excited by independent restaurants. They simply have more personality. The recent closing of  Luna Bella in Hickory Ridge reminded me how important our mom and pop places are. Here are a few of our favorites:

El Azteca
Flavors of India
Hickory Ridge Grill
House of India
Joe's Place Deli
Maiwand Kabob
Mimi's Kabob
Second Chance Saloon

What are the great local places you are devoted to? Do you have any particular menu items you recommend? What are the qualities that keep you coming back?

This post was inspired by my husband's bringing home dinner from Mimi's Kabob last night, and the sad realization that I can't eat that same meal again for breakfast. I really could.

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