Saturday, February 10, 2018

Take A Look

I’m a huge fan of the Howard County Library System. They offer so much to our community in so many different ways. I’m always seeing fabulous workshops for youth and teens at the Glenwood Branch. The Miller Branch in Ellicott City is always packed when I go there, and they also house the Howard County Historical Society archives. The Savage Branch has a Music Tech Lab. The Downtown Branch seems to be *the* place for teens who want to book a space to work on a project.

I’ve been to each branch except for the Elkridge one, so I hope the Elkridge folks will clue me in on why I need to visit.

But the very best branch is, of course, my branch.  Big surprise, right? The East Columbia branch wins as the sentimental favorite at my house. It’s the place where we took my daughter from the time she could look at a picture book. Once she could walk through the hallway to the children’s room she’d pat each tree as she passed.

“Hi, tree!” Each one got an individual greeting.

I must admit I’ve been pretty cranky of late since “my” branch has been closed for renovations.
(As an aside, does it seem to you as though our libraries are in a constant state of renovation? It’s great, but sheesh! I can’t keep up.)  Yes, the other branches are perfectly fine, but, East or West, our branch is best. You know how it is.

So I am extremely excited that today is the Grand Re-opening of the East Columbia Branch. Ribbon cutting begins at 9:45 am. More information about the day’s events can be found here. I don’t know if I’ll stop in today, but I’ll definitely be there soon to see the updates. And pat the trees. (Uh oh. I wonder if they kept the trees?)

If your day’s travels take you by the Miller Branch instead, there’s a treat for you, too. There will be a bake sale to support Latino students at Centennial High School. So you can do your studying and pick up something yummy on your way out. They will be there from 10 to 6. Stop by and say hi!

Have you donated to my friend Candace Dodson Reed as Celebrity DJ for this year’s Evening In the Stacks? Any amount helps and it all supports our library’s amazing programs.

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