Monday, February 24, 2014

February Scene

I came out of the house yesterday, saw something, and immediately wanted to photograph it for the blog. But that made me think about Dennis, and his many "Scene This Week In..." gems. I went back in the house and let myself be sad for awhile.

But here I am again with the same scene and the same desire to share.

This picture indicates how hungry the deer have been this winter.

This picture indicates the height of the deer.


I highly recommend Googling "Scene This Week WordBones." You can even search by month, which is how I got the snow scenes I linked to above. I also found this, which highlights a party for bloggers in 2008. So much has changed since then. But at least bloggers are still getting together. I'm looking forward to the upcoming event on Thursday.

We miss you, Dennis. We love you, Mama WordBones. Scenes may change but you are a part of us forever.






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