Thursday, February 27, 2014

Geeking Out

So, Tuesday evening, this happened:

It came from online discussions with local political news enthusiasts who were geeking out about details of who had filed to run for office.

geek out (third-person singular simple present geeks out, present participle geeking out, simple past and past participle geeked out)

To enthuse about a narrow topic, not realizing that most people listening will fail to understand it.

To do geeky things; to act geeky; to speak of geeky things.

The conversation looked something like this:

"After looking at the HoCo and Maryland Board of Election websites when the deadline passed, it's clear: there are more candidates in this state than voters."

"Well House District 13 sure looks interesting. And I remember Atterbeary from 2010, when she ran in District 18. What else? Just two dozen Howard County Democratic Central Committee candidates, 13 Board of Education candidates and 10 Democratic HD 12 candidates. Going to be some long 4th of July parades in Howard County this year."


"The primary is June 24, so maybe the parades won't be quite so long?"

"You are, of course, correct. Unless there are long, drawn-out recounts in multiple elections (certification doesn't occur until July 7), in which case the parades could witness what could only be described as higgledy piggledy in the streets."

"Fingers crossed."

"Only *we* would have higgledy piggledy in the streets."

"I want higgedly piggedly every d*** day!!!"

So I thought we ought to have a logo. See above.

I share this with you because things have been pretty serious here on the blog lately, and I wanted you to know that some of these serious types in Howard County do have a sense of humor. And we're not afraid to use it. Next to the impromptu formation of the Higgledy Piggledy Party (HiPiHoCo?) the best news of the week was the appearance on Twitter of Ian Kennedy's Beard, @IKBeard . Check it out. I don't know how long it's going to last...


On a more serious note, please check out, sign, and share this petition by HCPSM member Ann Faust with Howard County Families Working Together to Keep Music and Arts in our Schools. Yes, it's a long name, but the petition is brief so take a minute to read it. Thanks.

And tomorrow? Why, the Higgledy Piggledy platform, of course.


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