Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where the Money Goes

Last year I wrote this post about how I was feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't afford a ticket to the Howard County Library event, "Evening in the Stacks." I devised an ingenious plan to save up, little by little, so that I'd be ready this year.

And then I wasn't.

Yesterday morning I was beating myself up as I saw friends posting pictures and anecdotes of their preparations for the big event. And I wasn't going to the Royal Ball. Again.

It hasn't been the greatest year for me money-wise, because every time we have a delay I miss an entire morning of work. A snow day is a full day of work that I'll most likely never get to make up, because scheduling between sixteen schools is a nightmare. I have the kind of job where I get paid for exactly what I do: no more, no less. And, I do love snow days, but...

So I was going about my daily activities yesterday, thinking and thinking about where all the money goes. As I passed the table by the front door I saw a piece of mail hand-addressed to me. It was a thank-you note from Tom Coale.

Frequent readers of this blog know that Tom is a local blogger, the former CA rep from Dorsey Search, and a Democratic candidate for the state delegate seat in 9B. He's also my friend. I've never been all that excited about donating to the campaigns of political candidates, possibly because I have never had a lot of discretionary income to throw around.

Tom is different. Even though he isn't even running in my district, he has convinced me of the difference that one good person can make in transforming the conversation and working for change. If I believe that, I should support it.

As I read his note I realized that I did have the money to buy a ticket to "Evening in the Stacks". I just made a different choice with it this year. Little by little, that money went in small donations to a grassroots campaign that I truly believe in. Enough for a ticket and even a new outfit.

I'm sorry, Howard County Library. I know you are awesome and I did give small tips to two of the Celebrity Bartenders. But this year I did something a whole lot less glamorous. In the end I think it will benefit our state, our community, even our library system.

And I can stop kicking myself around the house and start saving for next year.




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