Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ten-Question Tuesday

Things I want to know:

1. Why, with all our technological advances, have we not invented an Insta-Thaw Windshield?

2. What do they really want you to write on those report card envelopes on the parent comment line?

3. Did you know you can support Talbott Springs Elementary School today, just by eating at Bertucci's? Well, you can! @Hoyafan_1994: Support TSES at Bertucci's in Columbia, MD. 4 Feb. from 11am-10pm. Flier needed.

4. Why are there only five Special K chewy bars in a box? My family goes through scads of them every week!

5. Why do I get so excited about this new product when I know, deep down, it won't help me get any more organized than anything else I already have?

6. Friend Wendy Scherer (of Finding Blanche) asks,

"Am I the only one who thinks a name change is in order? Storm Warning. Storm Watch. Which is which? Which is worse? I ask myself every time. I propose 1) Winter Storm Possible but you have time to go to the store and get TP and baking supplies and it may or may not really happen or 2) Winter Storm Imminent so make sure your phone is charged and if you're truly out of TP, hurry and get some."

7. Does anyone truly and completely understand Maryland campaign finance laws?

8. Wouldn't you like to see someone write a children's book based on this amazing headline?

Rabbits Unearth Ancient Treasures at English Landmark

9. Any suggestions as to which Celebrity Bartender deserves my tip for the Howard County Library's Evening in the Stacks?

And finally, the last question, relating somewhat to question 6:

10. Will we have school tomorrow?


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