Friday, February 28, 2014


As promised, a platform for Higgledy Piggledy in Howard County:

  • We believe in having more candidates for election than residents.
  • We oppose the foolish adherence to consistency, "the hobgoblin of little minds."
  • We affirm the necessity of extremely long 4th of July parades during election years.
  • We demand the right for candidates to participate boisterously in the July 4th parades, even if they may have been eliminated during the Primary election on June 24th.
  • We stand for free exchange of ideas. We sit for discussion. We sleep during the recap.
  • We oppose and condemn good orderly behavior if there exists a possibility for fun, exhuberant behavior. (With malice toward none.)
  • Therefore, we urge all candidates in Howard County to consider our Higgledy Piggledy platform as the reasoned product of Higgledy Piggledy voters: not straight or narrow, but Higgledy Piggledy.
  • "Higgledy Piggledy in the streets! Higgledy Piggledy every d*** day!"

Enjoy your weekend. Who knows when serious discourse may return?

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