Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Linkety-Links

Better than Friday Links, it's Saturday Linkety-Links! Well, not really making any claims of superiority, of course. I have been intrigued this week by amazing connections popping up between news stories. So much so that it brought on a case of advertisement nostalgia.

So, without further introduction, stories that taste great when you link them together:

Study shows SAT's not helpful in predicting college success. Followed quite soon after by announcement of significant overhaul of SAT's.

Frank Gehry comes out of the woodwork to denounce Inner Arbor Plan for Symphony Woods. Some members of CA Board who talk a lot like Frank Gehry want more control of Inner Arbor Board. See also local reactions.

A rather lovely trio: HCPSS has Spelling Bee. Howard County Library System supports Spelling Bee. Sara Toth of the Sun live-tweets Spelling Bee. @SaraAToth: (It's like watching the Super Bowl, guys, you seriously want to watch it.) #HCLSBee

A little commentary here. In reference to the SAT's, three cheers for the timely self-interest of the Educational Testing Service. Testing is a huge industry--their industry--and they can't possibly run the risk of people thinking they are unnecessary. Even if they are.

On the Inner Arbor news, I have little to say except for this: a concerted effort should be made to find out who solicited (wrote?) the Frank Gehry letter. If that person or persons should turn out to be on the CA Board, then I suggest they should be permanently disqualified from appointment to the Inner Arbor Board. Might take a look at local architects, too. (Self-interest?)

On the Spelling Bee--first, I was unable to find a link on the HCPSS Website, sorry. But it's clearly a school activity as all preliminary rounds happen in the school building during instructional time. Second, the Howard County Library System yet again shows why it is an award-winning library system in this prime example of putting itself right at the heart of educational events and initiatives. This is enlightened self-interest all around at its best. A special tip of the hat to Sara Toth who endured my suggestion that the word "algorism" had something to do with global warming.

I'd love to make Linkety-Links a regular weekend thing, so if you see any, let me know.




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