Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Much

Some times I can't think of anything to write about. Today, there is just too much. There are so many ideas competing for attention in my brain that I can't begin to sort them out or do any one of them justice. So I am just going to lay some out for you to look at this morning:


  • A friend who is in constant pain, who has waited far too long for a heart transplant.
  • A boy who is bullied for carrying a My Little Pony backpack.
  • A very public conflict between Howard County and Howard Hughes Corporation, and
  • The future of Columbia's downtown.
  • A school system that marginalizes supporters of Arts education.
  • The unrelenting deluge of local political events.
  • The puzzling capriciousness of a middle school teacher, and
  • Bumps on the road of being the parent of an adolescent.
  • The future of my job teaching music to special needs preschoolers.
  • People who can look at those in poverty as "other" rather than sister or brother.


That is all for today. I'll work on honing in on one of these for tomorrow.






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