Thursday, March 27, 2014

Walmart vs. Wegmans

The following Twitter conversation was prompted by the Village Center Market Study meeting on Tuesday evening.



@iankennedy7: People will drive 10 miles to get to a Wal-Mart versus 3-6 miles for a Wegmans. My head hurts. #vcmarketstudy

@AlisonDHickman: @iankennedy7 did they cover how far people will drive to avoid Wal Mart? Hypothesis is that distance would be impressive.

@iankennedy7: @AlisonDHickman ha! No but that's a stat I would like to see.

@macsmom: @iankennedy7 It's not the same people, for heavens sake.

@iankennedy7: @macsmom well, yes and no. It's a population-level analysis, so it's kind of all of us. But, certainly, different customer bases.

@macsmom: I just want to go on record that I would do without rather than go to Walmart. I wonder if people like me are included in the statistics?

@urbanbushwoman9: @macsmom I'm sure you're not the only one. Could be worth blogging about. Knock it out!!

@ee_Jayne: @urbanbushwoman9 @macsmom same here.


What do you think? I am throwing this out there today in preparation for writing about it tomorrow. (No time for a comprehensive post today.) I'd love some feedback.


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