Friday, October 3, 2014

A Big Fat Nothing

I wrote on August 17th about the response of the PTACHC Board to BOE member Ann DeLacy's wild accusations. Remember that? They wrote a letter to the entire Board of Education and the Superintendent asking to open a dialogue about this issue.

Their letter is dated August 8th. Today is October 3rd, and there has been no response. Nothing.


If you want to refresh your memory about what Ms. DeLacy said, check this out.

At the first PTACHC meeting of the year, Board Members Ellen Giles and Sandra French brushed aside Ms. DeLacy's actions as unofficial as she was "clearly acting alone" and therefore her words carried no official weight. They also said the Board could not have responded to the PTACHC Board letter because the Board of Education doesn't meet over the summer.

Funny thing. Due to all this craziness at the BOE about Cindy Vaillancourt, we now know that just isn't true. The Board met on July 11th, and then again in August, after receipt of the PTACHC letter. And there is archived video footage to verify that. So they do meet in the summer.

But it seems that the Board was far too busy cooking up "condom-gate" to be bothered to respond to a letter from PTACHC, a parent advocacy organization which represents 26,000 members in Howard County.

The next meeting of PTACHC is Monday evening. I will be there. I look forward to talking to the members of my own school PTA before I go to see if they have any issues they would like me to raise.

It's bound to be an interesting meeting.


PTACHC is sponsoring two candidate forums. Check them out here.

Sunday, October 12th, for Board of Education Candidates.

Sunday, October 19th, for County Executive Candidates.





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