Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Know Your Words

I read a critique of my blog, in the comments section of another blog, no less, describing me as being "in the tank" for a particular candidate.

Okay. Stop right there. "In the tank"?

I do not think that expression means what you think it means.

In the Tank:

  • "self-interestedly involved; surreptitiously supportive" and in extreme cases "corruptly influenced." And, later, "bought and paid for". From NYT, "In the Tank"
  • "...the meaning of go into the tank gradually shifted toward working on someone's behalf, often with the hint of backroom deals or at least inappropriate devotion." From Slate, "Explainer Goes in the Tank"

At the very least, "in the tank" suggests being supportive when you ought to be impartial.

No. Just--no. This is a blog. I am not a journalist. Having opinions and expressing them does not violate my Prime Directive. Disagree with me all you like, but for heaven's sake, don't cast aspersions at my motivation.



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