Thursday, October 16, 2014

Memories of a Place

Yesterday my older daughter and I had coffee together at this Starbucks on Route 40.

Now, this may be just another unexceptional Starbucks among many to you, but to me it is special. It is featured in the Tales of Two Cities post of May 15, 2010, where WordBones bumps into Courtney Watson and they discuss the state of the campaign over coffee.

We all have our fandoms, or "geekdoms", as my teenaged daughter likes to say. Somehow Howard County, Columbia, community building, blogging, politics, education, villages and neighborhoods have become mine. And so, some places are not just places to me. If all of this geekdom had a map, these places would be highlighted with special markings and labels.

Where are your important places? Where did you make a difference, take a stand, make a friend, support a cause? Who did you meet, and what did you learn along the way?

I joked with my daughter that they should put up a plaque inside the Starbucks commemorating the date when the blogger and the politician sat down together for a chat. We laughed.

There won't ever be a plaque, I guess. But there is a sign out front.



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