Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Dating Game

Today PTACHC is hosting a Round Table discussion with Board of Education candidates. You can sign up here. The reason that sign-up is requested is that the format will be less like sit-and-listen and more like "speed dating". Participants will get a better chance to be "up close and personal" with each candidate.

If you have a question that you really want answered, today might be a good day. If you want to see how candidates operate when charged with interacting with small groups of constituents, today is definitely a good day.

Although I am tempted by memories of the old "Dating Game" tv show, I would not encourage you to ask those old standard questions like:

I'm shopping at the Farmers' Market. Which item of produce are you, and why should I choose you?"

I have plenty of more serious questions. So do you, I'll bet.

Unbelievably, I have a prior commitment and can't attend. (I know, right?) I am hoping that one or more of my readers will step up and sign up to participate. Usually candidate events are for the candidates to tell us something. I'd really love for this event to tell candidates that we as a community care about all of our children, not just our own. We care about all of our schools and teachers, not just the ones our children attend.

Our future Board of Education members will have to make decisions for everyone. We need them to know that we care about everyone, too. I have heard too many statements lately that make the false assumption that parents are only in it for their own kids. So, if you go today, maybe you can teach the candidates something about who we are in Howard County.

We're interested, we're inquisitive, we're involved--for all of our children.








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