Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tom Coale, District 9B

Tom Coale has some great ideas. Whether you have read about him, seen him in a public forum, or talked with him in person, I've no doubt you've gotten a taste of this. In fact, I'd go so far as to say he has many excellent ideas.

For more depth, take a look at his website. His take on the issues facing Ellicott City and the State of Maryland is thoughtful, smart, creative, and dynamic. Two things stood out to me as I tried to sum it up:

  • Tom believes in the power of smart government to make a positive impact in people’s lives.
  • Tom will continue to advocate for community engagement to make sure that Maryland’s solutions are your solutions.
And yet--what makes Tom Coale the right choice for Ellicott City isn't just his ideas. It's something more than that. In March of 2012, he wrote these words about an upcoming election:

But I will say this -- beware the temptation of voting for someone on ideas alone. The real measure of an elected official is not in what they think, it's in what they do. Can they get things passed? If they can't, their ideas, and their representation of your ideas, are worthless. If they can, you are one persuasive phone call, e-mail, or lunch meeting away from affecting positive change.

The key is that the really good ideas are almost always group-sourced. Sure, a politician may run on a particular handy phrase or policy concern, but once they are in office, the well inevitably runs dry. The effective legislator/executive will have the ability to tap the community network of ideas to determine where to go next.

Effectiveness and group-sourcing are why relationships are so important. ...your interests may be best served by someone who shares...beliefs, but has the relationships (or relational capacity) necessary to make policy.

This is what makes Tom Coale's candidacy such an exceptional opportunity for Ellicott City. This is why he draws such support from his own district, within Howard County, and around the state. His genuine desire to work with others to make good things happen is the irresistible force of his campaign.

He doesn't just stand for ideas, or for beliefs. He stands for action, and for the relationships needed to make ideas into real, significant change.

What action will you take?


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