Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crossing the Line

Yesterday I received, through the mail, an anonymous letter with no return address. It was a full page, typed.


Someone who reads this blog decided to commit an entire page to criticizing, not my writing, but my decisions as a parent.


This person found my home address. This person made references to my family which could not have been gleaned from my blog alone.


This is not okay. It is cowardly, creepy, stalkerish behavior, and after much discussion my husband and I have decided to go to the police to document it and ask for advice.


What would you do?


Someone out there knows where I live, knows personal details about my family, and thinks I need their advice about how to raise my child. I have news for you, anonymous writer: reading my blog does not give you the right to do that.


The opinions I express on this blog are fair game if you wish to comment under your own name. My family and personal life are off limits.


I shouldn't even have to say this.


The letter had a Baltimore postmark. It was neatly folded in a business envelope. Someone went to a great deal of trouble to make me feel horrible. I'd feel much better knowing it came from a busybody with really bad judgment as opposed to, say, an axe-murderer.


Wouldn't you?



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