Friday, May 15, 2015

I Saw the Sign

Yesterday I noticed this sign in the lobby of one of the schools where I teach. It is the first time I had seen one in an elementary school.

I think these signs should be prominently displayed in all of our schools. Perhaps with the new partnership with PFLAG, they will be. Although if you read the entire thing, it's clearly not just about LGBT issues. It is about welcoming. Welcoming all.

My guess is that this sign is prominently displayed because the principal of this school is comfortable with this message and makes it a priority in his school community. We may have general rules and goals that apply to the entire school system, but individual principals can have huge influence, for good or ill, over each individual school.

In this case it's very, very good.

Students and their families should know that they are welcomed in all their diversity. Their differences are known, accepted, and celebrated. Everyone in the community should know that this is the standard of acceptance: we are here, we are of many backgrounds, we are valued.

This is, of course, only a sign. Putting a sign on a wall is a symbolic gesture, and not enough unto itself. But I can tell you from my personal experience within this school that I believe it to be sincere. This is a great school.

How much power does a principal have? (I have participated in a lot of those discussions.) You often hear,"The principal sets the tone." This little sign is a good example of what that means.




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