Saturday, May 16, 2015

Whatever Happened To...?

I read this article this morning about a meeting held to consider plans for improving Clarksville Pike. Two things struck me.

1. There are no disgruntled people saying how horrible it is.

2. Whatever happened to plans for that land next to Kendall Hardware?

I'm setting aside a discussion of #1 for now. Do you remember the saga of that piece of land? Here are a couple of pieces by the late Dennis Lane on the topic:

A Green Hotel for Clarksville

Ken vs. Clarksville

Someone owns that land. Someone wanted to develop that land. It all broke down in the details. Perhaps not the Ulman administration's finest moment. And as you know, overall, I was a fan. But there were a few moments here and there where I got the feeling that their prevailing attitude was, "We have these really great ideas and you folks just don't appreciate us!"

This was definitely one of them.

So, now what? Anybody know?

Feel free to fill me in. Just remember to post under your own name. I'm pretty sure that there are some strong opinions on this, so I'm asking you to be honest enough to sign your own name to yours.


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