Friday, August 14, 2015

Complaints Department

I'd like to thank Kirsten Litkowski-Coombs for bringing the following letter to the editor to my attention yesterday. As both a local blogger and a member of the Town Center Village Board, she's clearly made it her business to read the Columbia Flier cover to cover and stay informed.

"Here's the way CA ought to be run," says the writer. What follows is an irate manifesto of negativity. One wonders what particular current issue stirred up the writer to the point that he felt these words must be said. The rhythm of the words suggests a clash of the cymbals at the end of each sentence, or perhaps a crack of the whip.

The writer also refers to the assessment Columbia residents pay as a tax. This is simply inaccurate. "Why do they spend our tax money on charitable donations?" he rages. I do wish that someone could straighten him out in this regard. Does Milton Matthews make house calls?

Underlying the many accusations in the letter is the demand that CA provide better, cheaper, more attentive service to seniors. I'd say that the writer sees service to seniors as the primary function of CA, and I'm guessing that's because he is one. This is a "me, me, me" letter. "I'm not getting my due."

This just makes me sad. Columbia is more than one age group. It is certainly more than outraged cries of "gimme!" Truth be told, I see this attitude most often amongst one particular slice of our population. And it made me think.

What if all letters to the editor included the author's name and age? I think it would be educational.






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