Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Town

This morning while hunting through HoCoTimes for topics I discovered what looks to be an ongoing column about Ellicott City by Janet Kusterer entitled "Mostly Mainstreet". The August 12th post is a folksy mix of commentary on the new staircase, a suggestion to run a contest to name the parking lots, news on markets, music, the celebration of Wilhelmina Oldfield's 102nd birthday, and more. I love it. (Perhaps I see myself in it a little bit?)

So, where's the Columbia version of this? Is there a "Largely Lakefront" column that I've been missing? Surely we've got plenty of small-town news fit for print in the New American City. I think we deserve our own local storyteller with an eye to the smaller, more human stories, don't you?

If a Columbia equivalent to "Mostly Mainstreet" already exists, please let me know. Or, if it once existed and met an untimely end, I'd love to know why.



Today Howard County teachers and staff report back to work for a new school year. I wish them the best. May their working conditions be safe, comfortable, and conducive to personal and professional growth. May our school system provide them with what they need to do their job well. May Howard County Government value their contribution to our community.

May we, as a community, support our students, parents, and teachers throughout the school year.

Can I get an Amen?




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