Saturday, August 29, 2015

On Second Thought

So. Bridge Columbia.

After twenty four hours of reflection, my thoughts about the email I received from the co-chairs of the Oakland Mills Village Board have evolved a bit. What follows is complete and utter armchair speculation. You have been warned.

There has been nothing about this in the actual news. If the County Executive isn't announcing it, if the Howard County Times isn't covering it, that is a clue to me that this is very likely a non-story. This would explain why the lowest folks on the food chain are doing the announcing. Any movement on the Bridge can be interpreted to be a success for their term of leadership.

But it seems that this:

We are pleased to inform the community that County Executive Allan Kittleman has added the US 29 Pedestrian Bridge (also known as Bridge Columbia) to the County's Priority Letter submitted to Maryland State Transportation Secretary, The Honorable Pete Rahn.

may not be such a big deal after all. So, what is it?

Well, in the most simplistic terms.

  1. Kittleman runs on pledge to work on the Route 29 bridge
  2. He allocates zero funds for the Bridge.
  3. Councilman Calvin Ball calls him out for lack of commitment.
  4. Kittleman announces the addition of the bridge to a Priority Letter.
Is it as simple as that?

"You're not putting your money where your mouth is."

"Yes, I am. See?"

Oh, brother. I sincerely hope it's more than that.

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