Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Loose Ends

Five days of prednisone plus a brand new yellow jacket sting morphing into high-itch status have taken their toll on me. I've been up since four. My thoughts are all over the map. Add to that the switchover to a hectic out-the-door schedule for the rest of my family, and I'm lucky to have even grabbed a cup of coffee at this point.

Here is what is on my mind this morning:

Rutherford imposes "no recording" rule on press by Bryan Sears of The Daily Record

First thoughts: not sure which is worse, the fact that Rutherford did this, or the subsequent ill-treatment meted out by Rutherford's staff towards Mr. Sears for writing the article. A particularly low note in all of this:

Sears: Asked a question about how the admin will ensure spending on a program will be cost effective and the response was,"I call that a clown question, bro," (Boyd Rutherford)

Oh, really?

As you may recall, Mr. Rutherford is the same person who responded to a highly offensive statement by the Housing and Community Development Secretary by explaining that he had "gone off the reservation."

Maybe this is why he doesn't like to be recorded?

I just don't have the brain power to organize this fully this morning, but I will say that this is no way to treat the press. Especially Mr. Sears, who is courteous, professional, and thorough. It does look as though there are people on Governor Hogan's staff who bear deep grudges about past experiences in the previous administration, and are using their newfound power to dole out "payback."

The people of Maryland are not served by public servants engaged in petty power struggles with journalists. I believe Governor Hogan ran on transparency. What's going on right now doesn't look much like that.



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